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Our Live Vid Chats with Drs Tad & Adriana James run monthly, usually towards the end of each month. For this months dates please call our office on 02 9221 9221 or request the times through our Contact Us page


Vid-Chat August 20, 2015

This month’s VidChat was exciting in the discussion of values. here are some other topics: why would an individual regress to the previous values level? The relationship of our values to the environment we find ourselves in and what do changing values externally have on our internal values systems? Another student asked what’s the relationship between values and hormones? How to help kids cope with the loss of a loved one, and many more.

Vid-Chat July 30, 2015

What a great VidChat! Our student graduates are thinking amazingly! We had several questions about healing, about inner peace, PTSD, playing mind games with oneself, and the most interesting one: how do you ask a question where you don’t know what the question is? What about a politician who finds that when he’s under stress he’s losing his voice? Well Tad and Adriana answered also that question and more.Enjoy watching!

Vid-Chat June 25, 2015

In this VidChat, under the banner of, we had incredibly complex questions like : clarity about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, question about leadership, how does Perception is Projection work for experiencing different aspects of one’s own consciousness; how to use leadership to inspire people to greater heights; what happens in Time Line Therapy® when the learning is one or two values levels higher than the client is thinking; Adriana talked about the natural venting process from her “Time Line Therapy® Made Easy” book; some questions dealt with the issue of consciousness and how quantum physics implies it moves to another dimensions after death; how do you know when your thoughts are not your own and is inferential language a sign of avoidance. Many more questions dealt with other topics of interest. Have fun watching!

Vid-Chat May 28, 2015

Tad James and Adriana James have hosted this VidChat during the Master Practitioner Training In Sydney, Australia. Topics included: EMF – Electromagnetic Smog,; the results of secondary gain when doing Time Line Therapy™ techniques; in the coaching Values inventory when do you task for values transition?
What is the connection between physics and consciousness? There’s more…watch the VidChat to find out.

Vid-Chat April 23, 2015

We had a great VidChat in April with some very interesting questions and great answers. How to change the past and remove memories completely – were questions from two different participants and the answers included when and how would you do this. Next we talked about how to handle victims of rape and abuse. Tad and Adriana gave some important tips about that. next – the difference between what we do and the Law of Attraction. If you’re a fan of Time Line Therapy® you’ll enjoy this question. Love and marriage interested our next questioner but how to get him to pop the question ??? Adriana is one of the experts in NLP on values and we had some very good questions about transitioning values levels which she gave us new insights about.

Vid-Chat March 19, 2015

This was a full VidChat ranging the gamut from business training compliance to values alignment. Is there a way to keep your energy up while training? Better results for an intro presentation which could result in more clients.

Next, questions about Time Line Therapy™ techniques and health and healing. Is there a relationship between negative emotions and sickness. We also had questions about coaching athletes. Also a metaphor about calculus is sure to motivate math wizards. And finally, our “out-there” questioner finished the VidChat.

Vid-Chat February 25, 2015

Some people said this VidChat was the best ever. You should watch it. We started off with the issue of pain with major symptoms; Adriana provided some references from the web. Then, the very same student healed her dog, “woof”. It’s true, Tad barked again! Next, a discussion about how to become a certified Hypnosis Trainer, and the inside story of what happens at the 5-day Hypnosis Trainer’s Training. That’s the inside scoop from the trainers—Adriana and Tad.

Now, the question is, is imagination restricted by reality or vice-versa? We can’t tell you here, but you will appreciate the answer. We then talked about Huna as a healing modality, and how to learn it. The order and sequence of the techniques in coaching is important. So we discussed what to do when. And then we talked about working on your goals with a partner who may not be totally aligned, and what to do about that. How to get alignment, and is it necessary? Key issues for synergy.

We then turned back to values and the issue of conflict between different values levels. Particularly, what happens if a wife is VL3 and employees are VL4? The last question was on the topic of mind and energy. Can you have one without the other? Think about it!

Vid-Chat January 29, 2015

Well it’s a new year and a new series of VidChats. This VidChat was no exception with some really great questions, and Adriana and Tad give great answers – it’s worth watching. Our first question was from a graduate NLP Trainer about promoting and pricing coaching and training events. Next, how to clear up a Baker Cyst, and the health issues contained there.

One of our graduate NLP Trainers has trouble staying out of trance when she teaches (well really, who doesn’t). And then, what about doubts in a session of Time Line Therapy™ techniques – does that inhibit the results? Some health issues next – heavy menstrual bleeding, and what to do about it. Finally, there were two questions, one about transforming the planet, and the final one was a humdinger, about Transhumanism. Adriana had a good rant – well worth seeing it.

Vid-Chat February 25, 2015