NLP Coaching – The Difference is Your Success

When exploring which training you wish to undertake to become a life coach, it is important to consider the outcomes your clients seek, and how you can assist them in achieving those goals.

NLP Coaching training offers much more than a standard life coaching training, and it will help you to achieve greater success and lasting results for your clients.

In today’s world where stress, anxiety and overwhelm are common, more and more people need guidance and coaching to be the best version of themselves and to achieve excellence.

Life coaching helps coaches to identify the roadblocks that are stopping their clients from achieving their desired outcome.

Beyond the recognition of these roadblocks, NLP Coaching allows you to delve deeper and identify the root cause of these roadblocks which when removed, result in a more profound transformation. Ultimately NLP Coaching offers a much greater opportunity for success and new pathways towards a more fulfilling life.

Where Life Coaching Gets Blocked, NLP Coaching Succeeds

More often than not, roadblocks to success are internal and difficult to identify. They are deeply rooted in ones’ unconscious mind, and they have a strong emotional anchor holding them in place.

This is where life coaching has it’s limits. For example, once you’ve identified that a client lacks the confidence to negotiate a pay rise, or the self-esteem to start their own business – what happens next?

All of the best intentions and standard life coaching skills won’t help you to build this person’s self-esteem or confidence. Issues such as these require the release of negative emotions which hold the blockages in place, often in the form of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.

This is exactly where NLP Coaching will make all the difference, and allow you to affect permanent change delivering a very high success rate in helping your clients to achieve their desired goals.
With NLP Coaching, you will learn the process for identifying blockages to success, and also how to guide your clients in letting go of the negative emotions which hold them back.

With a wide range of tools available, you will be able to help your clients remove those barriers, and create a clear, compelling path that will allow your clients to fulfil their goals and desires, easily and effortlessly.

With NLP Coaching your clients will experience enormous shifts and developments in their mental and physical states. Rather than offering ideas and concepts, NLP Coaching provides your clients with clarity and access to their internal resources and the logical next steps to take to fulfil their ambitions.


The NLP Coaches’ Toolkit

When you complete the NLP Coaching training, you will receive 4 highly sought after certifications:

  • NLP – Understand how to achieve behavioural excellence through powerful communication and self-leadership strategies
  • Hypnosis – Access the unconscious mind to remove limitations and install empowering suggestions that will help your clients to achieve success
  • Time Line Therapy® – Use active imagination to rapidly remove limiting beliefs and major negative emotions that hold clients back from optimal physical and emotional health and peak performance, and assist them to create a compelling future
  • NLP Coaching – Help your clients get from where they are at, to where they want to be, by helping them eliminate their barriers to success and create a clear path to achieve all of their goals

The powerful combination of these four certifications and the training you receive will give you the ability to guarantee success for your clients. We have been following graduates of our programs and are frequently checking in to see how they are progressing. We are proud that our graduates are repeatedly and consistently achieving a one hundred percent success rate with their clients. Many of our graduates who were previously life coaches were struggling to achieve even a fifty-percent success rate with their clients.

A Hands-on Approach to Transformation

Our aim is for you to graduate from or programs with confidence and the expert ability to perform the techniques with precision. In addition to the theory, all of our students are given hands-on training and are assessed on their ability before they are allowed to practice outside of the training environment.

During the training, our students work with each other – real people with real-life scenarios. This way, our students have the opportunity to apply their newly learned techniques on each other, and receive the benefit of having these techniques performed upon them.

Many of our students have singled out the opportunity to experience a personal breakthrough session as a highlight of the training: they are taken through the full NLP Coaching process by a fellow student so that they have the ability to overcome their own barriers to success.

This way, they not only receive the benefits of NLP Coaching, but they also have the opportunity to perform a complete personal breakthrough session in a safe training environment and build up their confidence and achieve real success with their fellow students before they take on their own clients. At the conclusion of the NLP Coaching training, our students can begin their business as a coach and be equipped with professional experience and self-assurance.

The Business of Coaching

In addition to receiving the technical competence of becoming a coach, we provide students with the roadmap for building their own successful coaching practice and creating a sustainable model for business growth.

During the training, we cover sales, marketing and the delivery aspects of running a new coaching practice. Our graduates also have access to ongoing support to establish and grow their business, because ultimately our success comes from the success of our graduates.

Our NLP Coaching training gives students the ability to thrive, while making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

NLP Coaches Earn More Than Life Coaches

Our graduate survey has shown that the starting rates for an NLP Coach are about five times higher than that of a standard life coach.

When our students follow our exact steps and instructions, we know that Tad James Company trained NLP Coaches can confidently charge up to $350 per hour when they begin, whereas a normal life coach will start at around $75 an hour. The difference in the rates is due to the high level of training that NLP Coaching graduates receive, the life time support they have available from our offices and the results that they can guarantee.

Those graduates who are providing business and executive coaching programs were charging at least $750 an hour, and were being happily paid that amount, because the client’s results from the coaching was worth much more than the investment being made for the coaching services.

The following table summarises the key offerings that NLP Coaching and Life Coaching offer, and you can see why NLP Coaching is more valuable for both our students and also for their clients.

Life Coaching

Profiling Tools 
Goal Setting 
Coach Training 
1 Certification
$75 potential starting hourly rate
Sales and Marketing Training 
Lasting Results 
Guaranteed Client Results 
Unlimited Post-Study Support 
Practical Training with Results 

NLP Coaching

Profiling Tools 
Goal Setting 
Coach Training 
4 Certifications
$350 starting hourly rate
Sales and Marketing Training 
Lasting Results 
Guaranteed Client Results 
Unlimited Post-Study Support 
Practical Training with Results 

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Why Tad James Company?

With over thirty five years experience in training practitioners, Tad James Company is the industry leader in NLP training.

Our accreditation is recognised both nationally and internationally, at both practitioner, master practitioner and trainer’s training levels.

In addition to NLP certification, our training program includes three other trainings and certifications: hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy ® and NLP Coaching, giving our graduates a higher success rate in supporting their client’s goals.

We provide practical, hands-on experience during our training, ensuring your knowledge is up to date, and your skills can be taken directly from training to practice.

We also provide ongoing support for students and graduates, so you have confidence and guidance as you develop your practice.

How will this help improve my communication?

Communication is a fundamental key to success in both personal and professional
relationships. Being able to communicate with confidence and efficacy will improve other aspects of your life, as well as reducing the effort required in all relationships.

NLP training results in confident, effective communication, which positively affects other aspects of your life.

How will this help me in the workplace?

With the confidence and skills to communicate effectively with others, NLP allows you to build and maintain rapport with colleagues and clients, understand how they make decisions, and gain complete understanding of both their verbal and non-verbal