The Definition of NLP

What is an NLP Practitioner?

Are you wondering about the definition of NLP? Formally known as “Neuro Linguistic Programming”, NLP is a personal development method created in the early 1970s by Richard Blander and John Grinder. Such a method revolves around recognising and leveraging the link involving an individuals thoughts or neurological processes, language and behaviour. The idea is that all these elements can be modified and arranged to better pursue one’s goals in life from professional and financial success to losing weight and staying fit.

Now you may be wondering – what is an NLP practitioner? What is NLP training? NLP Practitioners are simply people that practice Neuro Linguistic Programming and deeply recognise its benefits in their lives. NLP training on the other hand is a certification process that you’ll need to go through if you ever wish to teach NLP to people on a professional capacity.

More about the definition of NLP

As mentioned earlier, NLP is a personal development method and one that you should look into if you’ve been struggling to find any measure of success or fulfilment in your life. Have you ever noticed that successful people often have certain qualities and behave in a certain way? NLP teaches how it’s possible to replicate these qualities and behaviours through subtle methods enabling practically anyone achieve any goal – losing weight, beating depression/phobia, improving work ethic, etc.

The NLP definition of Rapport

Rapport is perhaps one of the most powerful techniques in neuro linguistic programming and one that is aimed towards building trust and understanding. It can be defined as one’s ability to relate to other people seeing things from their perspective and having other people do the same. Achieving rapport doesn’t necessarily mean conforming to the views of other people which one might even find offensive or undesirable but rather it’s all about making communication as open and easy as possible.

Think about it – how good of a relationship we have with others depends greatly on our ability to create and foster rapport. Many business decisions are made because of it and people are a lot likely to purchase, support or advertise something that they can relate to.

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