Hi, this is Michael Royster from Chicago Illinois. I’ve been doing NLP activities with Tad James and company for a 3 and half years. Came across with some work I’ve done before, I knew that they have something special with Time Line Therapy that I wanted to find out more about. So after investigating that in one-on-one conversation with both Tad and Adriana, I said “wow there is more here than i realize with NLP Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy“. So I signed up and took my first classes about 3 and half years ago and I found that suddenly aided me in multiple ways in various business pursuits I have. I’m in real estate, I do landing, and I also do some counselling and consulting associated with NLP and Time Line Therapy. I can tell you that the material I received from them especially the trainer’s training and the post graduate that I am also been involve with through their company has been honouring phenomenal and life changing. It’s the kind of thing that helps you to live up yourself and because of the flexibility, right now I help you through the way I talk, the way I perceive how people think and I may be able to address them in the process of good managing in terms of personal and business. This material is absolutely the finest thing I’ve done for myself. What is fascinating to me is that last year after doing trainer’s training, I came back in the practitioner’s course done last year in December. Being able to come back in the second learning from the different perspective was amazing to me throughout the time I was there because everything had been set beautifully. All I can do is suggest you that if you, like me want to be the very best you can be no matter what it is that you wanted to do with yourself, NLP and the cognates of the Tine Line Therapy and Hypnosis of Tad James and company is absolutely the finest thing you will ever do for you.

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