Hi, my name is Mary Titus. I decided to take the NLP practitioner course online a year ago. I’ve really want to do something different with my life. And I knew that I really wanted to help people in different way than I have before. So I took the NLP online practitioner course and I just love it. I started working with friends, I decided to take the master practitioner course and from there I went right through trainer’s training. I did Time Line Therapy trainer’s training and Hypnotherapy trainer’s training. And I went back to California the end of August and started my practice and I’m just amazed how much it helps on combining to people and (just by word of mouth) how I’m getting clients on and on and on. I’ve done a couple of small presentations and the responses has been unbelievable. So I’m just thrilled that I’ve done this , I am very happy and I recommend it for anybody who wants to do this.

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