Hi! my name is David Shephard, I am a master trainer of NLP and President of NLP. I live in London and England. I’ve been training NLP now for 16 years. 1993, I came to practice and trained by Tad James. I just knew I wanted to be a trainer at NLP so I script together anything I could, I sow stuff, I poured money always thinking to fly at California to train with Tad in practitioner training. I’m so blown away with it, then halfway to the practitioner training I said to Tad – Look, I wanna come here, I wanna take your training back to London, what do I need to do?. And Tad said, well no one never ask me that question before so let me have to think about it for a while. Then he came back to me two days later and said, “Well you have to do this, you have to do this, this, this, this, this, this, and this”. Which took me about a year to do, and so I started running the accelerated NLP practitioner certification – a seven days program with a pre-study. And we took the UK by stone, I’ve been doing that in the sense that I think I spend in total around about 10-15 thousand dollars of my NLP training and within the first year I am already earning and my income is been increasing ever since then. So you can work it out for yourself. It’s a great industry to been because you can make a decent living. Personally I’m after making an “In this” living, and you got to make it “In this” living watching people transform before your very eyes. And you know, if you call, they tell you that they have their life’s God and everything is getting better and better and better and you are getting paid for. So I can think there’s no finer or better career or business opportunity on the planet today than becoming a NLP trainer and Tad is one of the best, if not one of the best, if not, the best master trainer of NLP.

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