My name is Dee Bresser, I am a trainer of the Neuro linguistic program, a master practitioner of Hypnosis and Time Line therapy and I do performance coaching. Way back in 1994, I opened my own professional motivational speakers business and while I was in the process of speaking around the world in the country, I was stumbled in the individual crusade – “You want to become a better speaker?” and I thought “sure”. Then I took my basic practitioner (NLP course) and I wasn’t in that course but in the first day I knew that I’m going on to become a trainer of NLP. The following year, I came to Los Angeles and I had my trainer’s training with Tad because my experience in the poem business let me took believe that I wanted to learn from the best of the best. If you one to be the a top 10 in the verbal ability business and you wanna go to the top 10 school, those who considered Tad James is the only top 10 school we have. I have applied it in every way, in everyday, on everything I do I use my NLP skills and it results in totally transformational change instantaneously. And I am empowered by empowering others.

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