Hi, my name is Emma James, I’m from UK. I’m a trainer and I train with the Tad James Company. I took my trainer’s training in Australia. Now, I’m a trainer and I am working with the number of people in sports industry. From a personal perspective, the result when completing the training and in my life in general was living rightly (absolutely that right). Most of my students now if I find the same thing that all I’m doing is taking what I’ve been told by them (NLP) and giving it to my students. As well as NLP brought Time Line Therapy training, it has made a huge difference to a lot of my clients (my therapeutic clients) and to me. The difference that you see with somebody who has undergone Time Line Therapy is just a complete shift (a total shift) of personality. All of the sudden they are free to move forward and not afraid of what is in front of them, not afraid of what they are worried about of their capabilities and it makes a huge difference. By Time Line Therapy Training, in particularly of what you do with Tad is indispensible and you can make a huge difference including those of the people’s lives.

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