I’m Bee Epstein-Shepherd, actually It’s Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd. My 2nd doctorate which was D.C.H, PhD in Psychology came in 1999 at the American Board of conference when Tad James handed me my diploma making me the official doctor in clinical Hypnotherapy. Since then, I’ve been reading his stuff, I’ve done some of his programs. I love Time Line Therapy. I went through Time Line Therapy Certification and I’ve used it in my clients and I find that the Time Line is absolutely powerful thing that I’ve been using to make changing people. Since then, I’ve also done the practitioners course for the Time Line Therapy and Neurolinguistic program and Hypnosis step combination program and I use this step all the time. I would say that all the things that I’ve learned in my 17 years since I’ve been up with Hypnotherapy, the Time Line is probably the most valuable thing that I’ve used and as probably contributed more to my personal income and anything else that I’ve done.

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