How does NLP Work?

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Does NLP really work?

Does NLP work? If you’re interested in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) then you’re probably wondering about the very same thing. The program is a result of an extensive psychological study on how people tend to solve their problems. The study provided a good understanding on how we create and solve our problems on an unconscious level.

Now most people are interested in NLP for specific reasons asking questions like “does NLP work for weight loss?” or “does nlp work for phobias?” To arrive at an answer and to better understand the matter, it would be best to delve into the very roots of neuro linguistic programming and how does NLP really work.

So how does NLP work?

NLP is an exceptional study that integrates the unconscious and conscious processes involved in practically everything that people do. Notice how you say one thing but end up doing the other? This is because our thoughts on certain goals in our lives are often formed in the unconscious level. NLP reveals how the determination to success, can be modelled and recreated. Hence it is applicable in just about any goal that one may have in mind from excelling at work or overcoming certain fears to losing weight and getting the body that you’ve always wanted.

Now let’s take phobias as an example – NLP revolves around the whole idea, that how we go about doing anything completely depends on the kind of emotion we’ve associated with it in the past on an unconscious level. Note that all undesirable behaviours and beliefs that we may have are often acquired in this manner.

You may have an irrational fear of dogs for instance because the first time you saw one you were told that dogs are dangerous and that you should stay away from them. Such a memory is then stored on an unconscious level and now every time you encounter a dog in the street you trigger an unconscious response which can be very difficult to change. This is the same for any phobia or irrational fear which can only truly be addressed on an unconscious level. NLP is a program that is geared towards doing just that!

However the question remains – how does NLP work? Well the program basically revolves around the idea that we have the ability to alter the process in which we define our reality. Make changes in the manner in which we think and do things differently, from lifestyle changes in order to be fit, to becoming more reliable in our profession by putting any irrational fears aside. The goal of the program is to look at life from a more positive perspective and hence bring about positive and desirable results.

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